Central Cafe Gungahlin Review – Appauling customer service!

I wouldn’t normally do this but I am quite disgusted about how we were treated.

We took a trip out to Gungahlin to do a bit of shopping and decided to stay and have lunch. Walking around the Marketplace, we noticed a nice little cafe, called Central Cafe Gunghalin, on the corner and thought it would be a nice spot. Upon walking in, we were greeted by a lady who immediately glared at the kids and the fact we had a trolley and pointed to a table and said ‘I’ll put you there because of the kids”. No “Hi, how are you?” or “Would you like a table?” and not even a smile. All the staff we could see looked pretty miserable and it immediately brought the atmosphere down.

Once ordered, we sat patiently waiting for our meals. Our drinks arrived promptly and the coffee was actually very lovely and well made. At least for a cafe, they have good barista skills. My kids had noticed another table with kids had colouring in book and pencils. They were getting quite restless waiting so I asked for some and the waitress responded saying that this was the only pack they had. One pack! Why bother if you can only offer them to one table at a time.

Our meals arrived after about 20 mins which isn’t too bad of a wait. However, the kids meals didn’t come. Five mintues later, we waved a waitress over to ask where they were. She went to check and returned saying ‘the pies are sitting there so maybe they are waiting on the chips to cook’. Why are they just sitting there? Another five minutes and they finally arrived. The chips had gravy which was steaming hot. So hot, it burnt my daughters tongue. The pies – rock hard! I could barely cut them, let alone the kids try and eat them. They went untouched. If anyone knows my kids, you would know that this never happens!

I decided to complain. Why should I pay for something that isn’t even edible.

I approached the gentleman at the front counter to speak about this. Having worked in the hospitality industry for quite some time, I’m well aware of how to deal with a complaint and I can tell you this much. The complaint was dealt with in a very rude and disrespectful manner.

I’ve always appreciated a customer for being calm and nice about the complaint so I decided to do the same. I raised all issues I had and that I wasn’t happy paying for the kids meals as they were not edible. I also mentioned how nice the other meals and the coffee were. I then had it all thrown back in my face. He was rude and abrupt. He told me I’m a ‘classic’. When I asked what this meant he replied ‘just classic’. He refused to take on board any feedback I was giving them, nor did he apologise. I was accused of ‘making it all up’ because I was unhappy with the waiting time. I was also made to go back to my table and get the kids meals to ‘prove’ to him that they didn’t eat them. Yes, I was unhappy, but I would have been fine with it if the kids were able to enjoy their meals. I asked for an invoice and was also told I could not see it until I paid. My husband then approached the counter and was told that I had a problem.

This gentleman, named Peter, claimed he was the owner when I asked to speak to one. I found this hard to believe so when I left the cafe I searched online and I discovered he was not. After all, what person would treat their business in such a poor manner.

Like I said, I’m not usually one to make such a big deal. But, I am so upset with how I was spoken to. Not very good customer service at all and if it continues this way, I have no doubt that the place won’t be around for very long.

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